Januari 29, 2009

Tales of Three guy who got cursed by evil witch – Prelude

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Long long time ago.. there three travelling companion. one Knight , one mage and one Lolicon.. err no… Beastmaster.. travel together for unknown reason. they dont know where to go , homeless and less money. all T do take job in mercanary guild for money but most all the job failed. the knight also know Tarma a very pride man. He was a hero from some war. he squad was wiped and he the one still survive and now become a coward jack all trade.. then we go on to the mage. a freak who love older women. he will do anything for women. the name is kain. top student from mage academy.. Nor because his talent… but flirting teacher. next we go to our beastmaster.. the name is zura…. *someone appears and say* ZURA JANAI… KATSURA DA!! . Ehem Katsura. he.. i dunno… aaa maybe aaaa.. i dunno laa!! bu i do know he change himself to fox

Long Short story.. these three guy got cursed by some princess who actually fall in with love with them three.. the 1st one is kain. kain actually make a false promise to her. in the night of mage academy graduation dance party .. the princess actually ask kain to be her partner. just beacuse kain will anything for  women kain accept her offer.. but turn that kain actually forget his promise by taken another offer from another girl who actually abit older. with anger kain was curse… he only can sleep standing.

then , tarma. the princess admire him so much.. becuase save her from choking eat durian seed. after that she always beside him.. where ever she go she always beside him. but one day, princess confess her love to tarma. but guess what happen.. you guys think this happy ending?.. no!! yeSSS errr if i say yes.. tarma wouldn’t be cursed.. but i say yes… tarma accept her love.. but… after that tarma say… “btw Who are you? i dunno who are you?”.. the princess is rage.. and curse tarma will hate durian forever!!

then there goes 3rd person , zura…… “someone appe… sorry2 katsura.. actually princess hate him.. he was princess’s slave who fall in love with the princess. but beacuse he can turn to fox.. princess hate him.. and curse him . devided him into too.. the human part and the fox part.. and that start he become beast master..

They met each other and travel together to cure this curse..

To be continue


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  1. Kain-kun… banyak sgt grammar mistakes…srsly aku pening baca @_@

    mind if i do some corrections?

    Komen oleh vien88 — Januari 30, 2009 @ 1:41 am

  2. ah no..

    the story meant to be like that… memang nak bagi org pening baca pon

    Komen oleh k4in — Januari 30, 2009 @ 2:24 am

  3. Hmmm, hoping that the ending would be marvellous.

    Komen oleh Lee — Februari 3, 2009 @ 9:21 pm

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