Mac 20, 2009

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today is my birthday… well a promise from myself… people have same birthday…

* 1521 – Maurice, Elector of Saxony (d. 1553)
* 1527 – Hermann Finck, German composer (d. 1558)
* 1685 – Johann Sebastian Bach, German composer (d. 1750)
* 1713 – Francis Lewis, American signer of the Declaration of Independence (d. 1803)
* 1763 – Jean Paul, German writer (d. 1825)
* 1768 – Joseph Fourier, French mathematician (d. 1830)
* 1801 – Maria Theresa of Tuscany, Queen of Sardinia (d. 1855)
* 1806 – Benito Juárez, Mexican statesman and national hero (d. 1872)
* 1811 – Nathaniel Woodard, English educationalist (d. 1891)
* 1835 – Thomas Hayward, English cricketer (d. 1876)
* 1839 – Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky, Russian composer (d. 1881)
* 1854 – Alick Bannerman, Australian cricketer (d. 1924)
* 1863 – George Owen Squier, American inventor and Major General in U.S. Signal Corp(d. 1934)
* 1869 – Florenz Ziegfeld, theater producer (d. 1932)
* 1876 – John Tewksbury, American athlete (d. 1968)
* 1880 – Gilbert M. ‘Broncho Billy’ Anderson, American actor (d. 1971)
* 1882 – Aleksander Kesküla, Estonian politician and nationalist (d. 1963)
* 1885 – Pierre Renoir, French stage and film actor and director (d. 1952)
* 1895 – Zlatko Baloković, Croatian violinist (d. 1955)
* 1901 – Karl Arnold, German politician (d. 1958)
* 1902 – Son House, American musician (d. 1988)
* 1904 – Forrest Mars Sr., American candymaker (d. 1999)
* 1904 – Nikolaos Skalkottas, Greek composer (d. 1949)
* 1906 – Jim Thompson, American designer and businessman
* 1910 – M S Khan, Bangladeshi intellectual (d. 1978)
* 1913 – George Abecassis, English race car driver (d. 1991)
* 1913 – Heinz “Pritzl” Bär, German fighter pilot (d. 1957)
* 1914 – Paul Tortelier, French cellist (d. 1990)
* 1917 – Frank Hardy, Australian author (d. 1994)
* 1920 – Georg Ots, Estonian singer (d. 1975)
* 1920 – Manolis Chiotis, Greek bouzouki virtuoso and song writer (d. 1970)
* 1921 – Arthur Grumiaux, Belgian violinist (d. 1986)
* 1922 – Russ Meyer, American film director and producer (d. 2004)
* 1923 – Philip Abbott, American actor (d. 1998)
* 1923 – Shri Mataji Nirmala Srivastava, Founder of Sahaja Yogav
* 1925 – Peter Brook, British stage director and producer
* 1925 – Hugo Koblet, Swiss cyclist (d. 1964)
* 1927 – Hans-Dietrich Genscher, German politician
* 1929 – Maurice Catarcio, wrestler
* 1930 – James Coco, actor (d. 1987)
* 1932 – Walter Gilbert, American chemist, Nobel Prize laureate
* 1932 – Joseph Silverstein, American violinist and conductor
* 1933 – Michael Heseltine, English politician
* 1934 – Al Freeman, Jr., American actor
* 1935 – Brian Clough, English footballer and football manager (d. 2004)
* 1936 – Ed Broadbent, Canadian politician
* 1936 – Mike Westbrook, British jazz composer, bandleader and pianist
* 1940 – Solomon Burke, American singer
* 1942 – Françoise Dorléac, French actress (d. 1967)
* 1943 – István Gyulai, Hungarian General Secretary of the IAAF (d. 2006)
* 1943 – Hartmut Haenchen, German conductor
* 1943 – Vivian Stanshall, English musician, artist, actor, writer, Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band (d. 1995)
* 1944 – Marie-Christine Barrault, French actress
* 1945 – Rose Stone, American musician (Sly & the Family Stone)
* 1946 – Timothy Dalton, British actor
* 1949 – Slavoj Žižek, Slovenian sociologist, philosopher and cultural critic
* 1949 – Eddie Money, American musician
* 1950 – Roger Hodgson, English musician, former member of Supertramp
* 1951 – Russell Thompkins Jr, American singer (The Stylistics)
* 1956 – Guy Chadwick, English guitarist, vocalist and songwriter (The House of Love)
* 1956 – Ingrid Kristiansen, Norwegian runner
* 1958 – Sabrina Le Beauf, American actress
* 1958 – Gary Oldman, English actor
* 1959 – Sarah Jane Morris, English Singer
* 1959 – Nobuo Uematsu, Japanese composer
* 1959 – Yuval Rotem, Israeli Ambassador
* 1960 – Benito de Leon, Filipino military officer
* 1960 – Ayrton Senna, Brazilian race car driver and three-time F1 World Champion (d. 1994)
* 1960 – Robert Sweet, American drummer
* 1961 – Lothar Matthäus, German footballer
* 1962 – Matthew Broderick, American actor
* 1962 – Kathy Greenwood, Canadian actress
* 1962 – Rosie O’Donnell, American comedian, actress, talk show host, and publisher
* 1962 – Mark Waid, American comic book writer
* 1963 – Shawn Lane, American guitar virtuoso (d. 2003)
* 1963 – Shawon Dunston, American baseball player
* 1963 – Ronald Koeman, Dutch footballer and football manager
* 1964 – Ahmed Radhi, Iraqi international football star
* 1964 – Jesper Skibby, Danish professional cyclist
* 1965 – Xavier Bertrand, French politician
* 1967 – Jonas “Joker” Berggren, Swedish musician (Ace of Base)
* 1967 – Adrian Chiles, British television and radio presenter
* 1967 – Maxim Reality, British MC (The Prodigy)
* 1968 – DJ Premier (Preemo), hip hop producer
* 1969 – Ali Daei, Iranian footballer
* 1972 – Large Professor, hip hop artist
* 1972 – Chris Candido, professional wrestler (d. 2005)
* 1973 – Ananda Lewis, American model and television personality
* 1973 – Stuart Nethercott, English footballer
* 1973 – Jerry Supiran, American actor
* 1974 – Laura Allen, American actress
* 1974 – Jose Clayton, Tunisian footballer
* 1974 – Rhys Darby, New Zealand Comedian
* 1974 – Edsel Dope, American singer (Dope)
* 1975 – Fabricio Oberto, Argentine basketball player
* 1975 – Justin Pierce, British actor (d. 2000)
* 1975 – Mark Williams, Welsh snooker player
* 1978 – Charmaine Dragun, Australian news anchor (d. 2007)
* 1978 – Kevin Federline, American dancer/hip hop artist
* 1978 – Cristian Guzmán, Dominican baseball player
* 1978 – Rani Mukherjee, Indian actress
* 1980 – Marit Bjørgen, Norwegian cross-country skier
* 1980 – Ronaldinho Gaucho, Brazilian international footballer
* 1980 – Deryck Whibley, Canadian guitarist and singer (Sum41)
* 1982 – Aaron Hill, American baseball player
* 1982 – Colin Turkington, British racing driver
* 1985 – Ryan Callahan, American hockey player
* 1985 – Adrian Peterson, American Football player
* 1988 – Lee Cattermole, English footballer
* 1989 – Takeru Satoh, Japanese actor
* 1990 – Mandy Capristo, German Singer (Monrose)
* 2004 – Count Claus-Casimir of Orange-Nassau, Jonkheer van Amsberg

happy birthday guy…. wheter you still live… or not..


Februari 16, 2009

My Homework Tagg

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You are required to answer ALL the following questions.
Tag 16 people and repost it with the title:
I’ve done — 51 out of the 132 stupid things.

99/132 means you scored a distinction for doing stupid things! (although that’s not really an achievement hahaha)

Level 1
( ) Smoked A Cigarette
( ) Smoked A Cigar
( ) Kissed A Member Of The Same Sex
() Drank Alcohol


Level 2
(x ) Are / Been In Love
( x) Been Dumped
() Shoplifted
( ) Been Fired
( ) Been In A Fist Fight

SO FAR: 2 ( no level 3…. Weird!!!!)

Level 4
(x) Had A Crush On An Older Person
(x) Skipped School
( ) Slept With A Co-worker
(x) Seen Someone / Something Die


Level 5
( ) Had / Have A Crush On One Of Your Facebook Friends
( ) Been To Paris
( ) Been To Spain
(x) Been On A Plane
( ) Thrown Up From Drinking


Level 6
(x) Eaten Sushi
( ) Been Snowboarding
( ) Met Someone BECAUSE of Facebook
( ) Been in a Mosh Pit


Level 7
( ) Been In An Abusive Relationship
( ) Taken Pain Killers
(x ) Love/loved Someone Who You Cant Have
() Laid On Your Back And Watched Cloud Shapes Go By
( ) Made A Snow Angel


Level 8
( ) Had A Tea Party
(x ) Flown A Kite
(x) Built A Sand Castle
( ) Gone mudding
() Played Dress Up

SO FAR: 10

Level 9
( ) Jumped Into A Pile Of Leaves
( ) Gone Sledging
(x) Cheated While Playing A Game
(x) Been Lonely
(x) Fallen Asleep At Work / School

SO FAR: 13

Level 10
(x ) Watched The Sun Set
() Felt An Earthquake
(x ) Killed A Snake

SO FAR: 15

Level 11
(x) Been Tickled
(x ) Been Robbed / Vandalized
(x) Been cheated on
(x) Been Misunderstood

SO FAR: 19

Level 12
(x ) Won A Contest
( ) Been Suspended From School
(x ) Had Detention
(x ) Been In A Car / Motorcycle Accident

SO FAR: 22

Level 13
() Had / Have Braces
() Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night
( ) Danced in the moonlight

SO FAR: 22

Level 14
(x) Hated The Way You Look
(x) Witnessed A Crime
( ) Pole Danced
(x) Questioned Your Heart
( ) Been obsessed with post-it-notes

SO FAR: 25

Level 15
( ) Squished Barefoot Through The Mud
(x ) Been Lost
( ) Been To The Opposite Side Of The World
(x ) Swam In The Ocean
(x) Felt Like You Were Dying

SO FAR: 28

Level 16
(x) Cried Yourself To Sleep
(x) Played Cops And Robbers
( ) Recently Colored With Crayons / Colored Pencils / Markers
(x) Sang Karaoke
(x) Paid For A Meal With Only Coins

SO FAR: 32

Level 17
(x) Done Something You Told Yourself You Wouldn’t
( ) Made a Prank Phone Call
(x ) Laughed Until Some Kind Of Beverage Came Out Of Your Nose
( ) Kissed In The Rain

SO FAR: 34

Level 18
( ) Written A Letter To Santa Claus
( ) Watched The Sun Set/ sun rise With Someone You Care/Cared About
(x) Blown Bubbles
( ) Made A Bonfire On The Beach or anywhere

SO FAR: 35

Level 19
( ) Crashed A Party
( ) Have Traveled More Than 5 Days With A Car Full Of People
() Gone Rollerskating / Blading
(x ) Had A Wish Come True
( ) Been Humped By A Monkey

SO FAR: 36

Level 20
( ) Worn Pearls
( ) Jumped Off A Bridge
( ) Swore at the teacher, in front of them
( ) Swam With Dolphins

SO FAR: 36

Level 22
( ) Got Your Tongue Stuck To A Pole/Freezer/ice Cube
( ) Kissed A Fish
() Worn The Opposite Sex’s Clothes
() Sat On A Roof Top

SO FAR: 36

Level 23
( ) Screamed At The Top Of Your Lungs
( ) Done / Attempted A One-Handed Cartwheel
(x ) Talked On The Phone For More Than 6 Hours
() Recently stayed Up for a while talking to someone you care about

SO FAR: 37

Level 24
( ) Picked And Ate An Apple Right Off The Tree
( ) Climbed A Tree
( ) Had/Been In A Tree House
(x ) Been scared To Watch Scary Movies Alone

SO FAR: 38

Level 25
(x) Believed In Ghosts
( ) Have had More Then 30 Pairs Of Shoes
( ) Gone Streaking
() Visited Jail

SO FAR: 39

Level 26
( ) Played Chicken
( ) Been Pushed into a pool with all your clothes on
(x ) Been Told You’re Hot By A Complete Stranger (bangge toi time tuh.. cun plak Kakak tuh XD)
( ) Broken A Bone
() Been Easily Amused

SO FAR: 40

Level 27
(x ) Caught A Fish Then Ate It Later
( ) Made A Porn Video/got asked to make one
( ) Caught A Butterfly
() Laughed So Hard You Cried
() Cried So Hard You Laughed

SO FAR: 41

Level 28
( ) Mooned/Flashed Someone
( ) Had Someone Moon/Flash You
(x) Cheated On A Test
(x) Forgotten Someone’s Name
( ) French Braided Someones Hair
( ) Gone Skinny Dipping
(x ) Been Kicked Out Of Your House
() Tried to hurt yourself

SO FAR: 44

Level 29
(x) Rode A Roller Coaster
(x ) Went Scuba-Diving/Snorkeling
(x ) Had A Cavity
(x) Black-Mailed Someone
(x) Been Black Mailed

SO FAR: 49

Level 31
(x) Been Used
(x ) Fell Going Up The Stairs
( ) Licked A Cat
() Bitten Someone
( ) Licked Someone

SO FAR: 51

Level 32
( ) Been shot at/or at gunpoint
( ) Had sex in the rain
( ) Flattened someones tires
( ) Rode your car/truck until the gas light came on
( ) Got five dollars or less worth of gas

TOTAL: 51 ( mean Im Not Stupiq) whooo

People to tag





– Randomly 12 people in my Facebook friendlist…

Februari 12, 2009

Tag with Song… (curik dari VN :P)

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Tag post aku yang pertama lol


1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, Realplayer etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write that song name down NO MATTER HOW SILLY it sounds.
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
5. For best result,put in various song from various singer at least 50 songs.

25 Pasal aku

1. If someone says, “Will you marry me… you say?
I Got a feeling – Beck The Mongolian Chop (lol.. apekah)

2. How would you describe yourself?
Spirit Dream Inside – L’arc En Ciel (huhu… aku kuat berangan aku ni)

3. What do you like in a girl / boy?
Kimi , Meguru , boku – Motohiro Hata (?????)

4. How do you feel today?
Sos Nara Daijoubo – Suzumiya Haruhi (hahahaha takde maknanye)

5. What is your life’s purpose?
Lonely Soldier Boy – Hujan

6. What is your motto?
To All The Dreamer – Soul’d Out (moot apekah itu!!?)

7. What do your friends think of you?
Triangular – May\’n ( aku bulat la Weh)

8. What do you think of your parents?
Super Ko Rider – Beat Crusader (yeke?)

9. What do you think about very often?
Slip Out – Kazuya Hirabayashi ( heh…..?)

10. What is some good advice for me?
Karma – Bump of Chicken (hah? Untuk ape?)

11. What do you think of your best friend?
Follow Me – Beat Crusader ( tak kene langsung)

12. What do you think of the person you like?
Moon On The Water – Kazuya Hirabayashi ( itu la agaknye org panggil aku pakcik luna)

13. What is your life story?
Waltz – suneohair (hehe indahnya cite hidup ku)

14. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Konna Di chikaku de – Crystal Kay ( yeke? Boleh ke cam tuh?)

15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
Tonight, Tonight , Tonight – Beat Crusader ( huh? Biar betui?)

16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
Prototype -Chiaki ishikawa (ade ke dance camtuh?)

17. What will they play at your funeral?
Dramatic – YUKI ( wah…… kene pada lagu nye)

18. What is your hobby/interest?
Death Note Theme – Yoshihisa Hirano and Hideki Ta (hahaha hobby aku baca death note…!)

19. What is your biggest fear?
Lonely in Gorgeous – Tommy February ( heh… boleh jadi gak… )

20. What is your biggest secret?
I Remember you – YUI ( itu satu rahsia ke?)

21. What do you think of your friends?
Its Gonna Rain – SamuraiX Ending ( aku lupa nama penyanyi nye tapi.. kuat toi kawan aku menangis)

22. What did you do last night?
Tokyo – Yui ( aku gi Tokyo malam td… dasat)

23. How would you describe your mom?
Lively Motion – Megumi Hayashibara (hmm boleh la…)

24. What do people assume when they first look at me?
Baby Its You – June (hahahahahah apekah?)

25. Will I have a happy life?
Feel My Soul – Yui ( nice one!!!)

Nak tag

  • VN
  • Foxdemon
  • Mana

Februari 10, 2009

My 2009 Gadget…

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yeah bile tahun 2009 menjelma.. semua serbi nak baru. ape ape je la.. kereta , komputer , handphone aish.. memacam..  so aku nak kasitahu la kat dunia gadget yang aku baru beli/dapat sempena tahun 2009 nih

Muka Depan Sony Vaio akuskrin dan papan kekunci

Pertama-pertama sekali adalah gadget paling latest aku beli.. secara credit la guna credit card maybank huhu.. sebab aku beli laptop nih bukan nye kerana aku nak bergaya cuma aku nak avoid guna Main PC kat ofis aku ni  dan juga akademik final project untuk semester ni akan bermula tak lama lagi. ade laptop nih gak memudahkan aku melakukan keje di luar (maksud nye desktop nih dlm bilik.. dan laptop boleh di alih2 memudahkan aku untuk melihat sekitar stesen setiap masa)… malang sket kat aku la.. sebab stok Vaio VGN-CR353 hanya ade warna pink. haha jambu tak aku? tapi pada aku kaler tak penting janji Viao beb.. aku dapat offer baik dengan harge RM3600 yang sebelum nya berharga RM4000 lebeh.. ok la tuh ye tak..

PSP Putih ku...seterusnya Pasal PSP aku.. well kalo korang tak tahu la.. tahun lepas inner screen PSP aku ni telah mengelami keretakan yang amat dasat. ini berpunca sebab kelalaian aku sendiri dgn mecampak psp aku nih kelantai atas sebab marah kat seseorang. aish..  pada mula nya aku nak jual je.. tapi pk balik kalo jual beli baru RUGI!!! so aku ambik keputusan untuk hantar repair.. harga repair aku dapat dalam RM310 tapi aku diberi diskaun sebanyak RM290 atas sebab aku ni regular customer. siap kasi game free lagi.. hahaha aku tanak kasitahu kedai mana.. ini janji aku ngan tokey kedai tuh XD…

lain lain gadget yang males aku nak tulis dalam ni ialah:

  • Kamera Nikon D50
  • Nokia N95
  • SATA HDD (External)
  • Sony Playstation 2

Wishlist aku

  • Sony Playstation 3
  • Wii
  • Iphone

Januari 29, 2009

Tales of Three guy who got cursed by evil witch – Prelude

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Long long time ago.. there three travelling companion. one Knight , one mage and one Lolicon.. err no… Beastmaster.. travel together for unknown reason. they dont know where to go , homeless and less money. all T do take job in mercanary guild for money but most all the job failed. the knight also know Tarma a very pride man. He was a hero from some war. he squad was wiped and he the one still survive and now become a coward jack all trade.. then we go on to the mage. a freak who love older women. he will do anything for women. the name is kain. top student from mage academy.. Nor because his talent… but flirting teacher. next we go to our beastmaster.. the name is zura…. *someone appears and say* ZURA JANAI… KATSURA DA!! . Ehem Katsura. he.. i dunno… aaa maybe aaaa.. i dunno laa!! bu i do know he change himself to fox

Long Short story.. these three guy got cursed by some princess who actually fall in with love with them three.. the 1st one is kain. kain actually make a false promise to her. in the night of mage academy graduation dance party .. the princess actually ask kain to be her partner. just beacuse kain will anything for  women kain accept her offer.. but turn that kain actually forget his promise by taken another offer from another girl who actually abit older. with anger kain was curse… he only can sleep standing.

then , tarma. the princess admire him so much.. becuase save her from choking eat durian seed. after that she always beside him.. where ever she go she always beside him. but one day, princess confess her love to tarma. but guess what happen.. you guys think this happy ending?.. no!! yeSSS errr if i say yes.. tarma wouldn’t be cursed.. but i say yes… tarma accept her love.. but… after that tarma say… “btw Who are you? i dunno who are you?”.. the princess is rage.. and curse tarma will hate durian forever!!

then there goes 3rd person , zura…… “someone appe… sorry2 katsura.. actually princess hate him.. he was princess’s slave who fall in love with the princess. but beacuse he can turn to fox.. princess hate him.. and curse him . devided him into too.. the human part and the fox part.. and that start he become beast master..

They met each other and travel together to cure this curse..

To be continue

Januari 22, 2009

Moon On The Water

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Lyrics: Hidaka Tooru
Music: Beat Crusaders
Vocal: Kazuya Hirabayashi

Full moon sways
Gently in the night of one fine day

On my way
Looking for a moment with my dear

Full moon waves
Slowly on the surface of the lake

You were there
Smiling in my arms for all those years

What a fool
I don't know 'bout tomorrow
What it's like to be

I was fool
Couldn't let myself to go
Even though I feel
The end

Old love affair
Floating like a bird resting her wings

You were there
Smiling in my arms for all those years

Januari 21, 2009

Azam Tahun baru

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hmm takde ape aku nak ceritakan . yang pasti tahun nih aku nak study sesungguh dan kerja leh keras. nampaknye mak aku dapat stesen minyak baru yang lebeh tinggi sale nya. itu dah rezeki namanya.. bersyukur sangat. sekang umur semakin meningkat. hajat dihati nak kawen.. haha tapi entah la.. hati sekang berbelah bagi nak kawen or study oversea. entah la tengok la ape jadi nanti… rezeki kite kat mana..

well antara perkara aku nak buat tahun ni

  1. Study untuk naikkan pointer
  2. Kerja lebeh rajin
  3. nak siap kan projek diorama

My Anime/manga/game Tag

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2008 is end already.. my anime list finally change a bit. im still love old anime that i consider best and enjoyable

here the list by category

10 Enjoyable anime to me so far

  1. Slamdunk
  2. yakitate japan
  3. school rumble
  4. Code Geass
  5. Gundam OO
  6. Macross Frontier
  7. Macross Plus
  8. Toradora
  9. Beck : Mongolian Chop Squad
  10. Full Metal Panic

That list also consider favorite anime list all this year..  now go on with manga.. recently i got feeling to read manga. i dont know what make me.. i dont interested to read manga but it seem now i read it..

10 manga on my read list

  1. Fairy tales
  2. Kurohime
  3. Beck : Mongolian Chop Squad
  4. Watashi tachi no tamura kun
  5. Bakuman
  6. Ai kora
  7. Naruto
  8. Bleach
  9. One Sasame
  10. Tayu Tayu <////>

and then it come to game… i been a gamer since my father bought me a PSone… since then RPG is my passion. i start to love Final Fantasy and other game..

10 Passionate game list

  1. Persona 3 FES
  2. Persona 4
  3. Metal gear solid 3 : Snake Eater
  4. Samurai warrior 2
  5. Romance of 3 kingdom 10
  6. Final Fantasy tactic : war of Lion
  7. Macross Ace Frontier
  8. Resident evil 4
  9. Crisis Core
  10. Tale of world

Disember 9, 2008

ProtoType Boy

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My life means for Testing

No Other Purpose

I Determind future for others

without me , No future

My life is short

pressure getting high

i must work hard

Without it , No Future

For sake of others

I must do this

sacrifice myself

A true purpose as a Prototype boy

Disember 6, 2008


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Cita-cita.. teringatkah anda ketika anda kecil dahulu. parents u all tanya… “besar nak jadi ape?” korang jawap bermacam² jawapan mengikut individu korang. ade nak jadi polis , doktor , nak jadi Engineer lah.. ataupon paling femes Pilot.. tetapi cita² itu tercapai?.. ramai org dah kecapi impian itu tetapi ramai yang tidak.

Peratus yang tercapai cecitanya mungkin kerana parent sendiri memainkan peranan. dididiknya anak itu dengan belaian kasih sayang hanya untuk mengharap anaknya itu akan mengikuti jejak langkahnya. mungkin ade yang gagal dan ada yang berjaya.

Impian juga takkan tercapai tanpa sokongan dan doa dari sendiri atau org² yang terdekat. impian perlu ade keazaman yang tinggi baru la impian itu tercapai. kalo hanya berminpi akan terjadi seperti pak pandir yang hanya mengharap sesuatu yang tak pasti. itu la sebab nya sokongan dan restu parents itu sendiri akan menyebabkan kita mengecapi impian kita

bila kita cakap pasal restu, sebahagian dari kita mempunyai impian tetapi tanpa restu ibu bapa. ini adalah contoh org yang susah nak mengecapi cita²nya.. bukan saya nak kate takboleh.. kerana ada yang berjaya kerana sanggup tinggalkan keluarga kerana cita². itu terpulang lah.. anda boleh fikir cara yang balik terbaik.. tetapi kita sebagai muslim/muslimah , adakah anda sanggup digelar anak derhaka? kerana hanya ingin mencapai impian?

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